Finland: Prepared for Challenges Ahead


  • Jari Väliverronen Tampere University


Mots-clés :

journalism, self-regulation, history, Council for Mass Media, Finland


Historically, journalistic self-regulation in Finland has evolved in three phases that are closely connected with developments in journalistic professionalism: early attempts until the late 1960s, institutionalization and solidification from the late 1960s to the mid-2000s, and the current phase of constant change. In the current phase, the self-regulatory institution – the Council for Mass Media (CMM) – was initially struggling to find its place in the changing mediascape. However, in the last ten years, it has been able to re-adjust itself and gain a relatively secure position in society. This position is likely to be increasingly challenged in the coming years by the many ongoing transformations of communications and journalism, but the CMM appears rather well placed to meet the future challenges.

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Jari Väliverronen, Tampere University

Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences






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