The Old Latin versions of the Book of Daniel


  • Jean-Claude Haelewyck


Mots-clés :

Old Latin, Vetus Latina, Book of Daniel, Hymn of the Three Young Men, Hymn of Azariah, Hymn of the Divine Transcendance


The article is an introduction to the edition of the Old Latin versions of the book of Daniel. After a brief presentation of the manuscripts (those of the biblical book and those of the hymns), the Greek texts are presented (Theodotion and LXX). The next chapter studies the division into visions. The hymns are then analyzed: the hymn of the Three Young Men, the hymn of Azariah, and the hymn of the Divine Transcendence. The types of text are the subject of the next chapter: from the origins (X) to Jerome's version (H and V), passing through the ancient African texts (K) and the recent ones (C), then through the European texts (D and I), without forgetting Augustine's text (A). The article ends with a sketch of the history of the Old Latin text of Daniel.




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Haelewyck, Jean-Claude. 2023. « The Old Latin Versions of the Book of Daniel ». Bulletin De l’Académie Belge Pour l’Étude Des Langues Anciennes Et Orientales 12 (mai):79-141.