Belgian Administrative Data: Opportunities, Challenges, Good Practices

Following the Quetelet Workshop held on 21 and 22 November 2022 in Louvain-la-Neuve, the Quetelet Journal offers to participants and others the opportunity to publish an article in a Special Issue on Belgian Administrative Data.

This special issue will address often-neglected issues regarding data management, data merging, data verification, and data formatting. Although essential to the quality of the resulting analyses, these methodological issues are usually dealt with in the grey literature, which is not easily accessible. Sharing empirical approaches can only help to decipher the technical issues and hopefully solve them.

Papers will be written in English and may address the following proposed topics:

  • Questions related to administrative data requests and anonymisation procedures
  • Error identification and correction, collecting quality data, and new data sources
  • Innovations for linking databases with and without individual identifiers
  • Past, current and future use of administrative data for research and policy making
  • Data sharing, data reuse, and replication of results: legal and technical procedures
  • Sub-samples and cohort samples based on administrative data
  • New research and statistical models made possible by administrative data


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