Les rêves d’Elytis


  • Yiannis E. IOANNOU Université de Chypre

Mots-clés :

Elytis, Surrealism, Psychoanalysis, Creativity, Dream


Strongly influenced by the Surrealist Movement, and particularly by its psychoanalytic dimensions, Elytis attaches the utmost importance to the dream as a space of total freedom beyond any form of prohibition, therefore as a space of innocence and authentic creativity. This article studies the role of the thematic of the dream in the works of the Greek Nobelist.

Biographie de l'auteur

Yiannis E. IOANNOU, Université de Chypre

The author is the founder of the Department of French and European Studies of the University of Cyprus. He published several books on French and Greek literature and many articles in international refereed journals. He served as Chair of his Department and as Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.