From Vices to Corruption to Misanthropy


  • Ian Kidd University of Nottingham



The main part of the paper describes the deep connections between the concepts of vices, corruption, and misanthropy. I argue that the full significance of the concept of human vices or failings is only fully appreciated when it is connected to an account of the ways that our social practices and institutions are corrupting, in the sense of facilitating or encouraging the development and exercise of those failings. Moreover, reflection on failings and corruption can lead us to misanthropy, defined in a revisionary sense as a negative, critical verdict on the collective moral character and performance of humankind as it has come to be. At the end of the paper, I tentatively ask if there can be forms of Christian misanthropy.




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Kidd, I. (2023). From Vices to Corruption to Misanthropy. TheoLogica: An International Journal for Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology, 7(2).