Computational Theology

A Metaobject-Based Implementation of Models of Generalised Trinitarian Logic


  • Tim Lethen University of Helsinki



Trinitarian logic, Metaobject protocol, Subordination, Precedence, Common Lips, CLOS


This paper analyses an amazingly close analogy between models of generalised trinitarin logics on the one hand side and class hierarchies in the field of object-oriented programming on the other, thus linking philosophy of religion and computer science. In order to bring out this analogy as clear and precise as possible, we utilise a metaobject protocol for the actual implementation of the theological models. These formal implementations lead to the insight that the analogy can be pushed even further, and we lay bare and analyse the close relation between the theological notion of subordination of divine persons and precedence in structures of multiple inheritance. The implementation of theoretical godheads finally leads to new metaobject programming techniques, thus underlining the cross-fertilisation between theology and computer science.




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Lethen, T. (2022). Computational Theology: A Metaobject-Based Implementation of Models of Generalised Trinitarian Logic. TheoLogica: An International Journal for Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology, 6(2), 136–161.