Threefold Hidden God




Hiddenness of God, Trinity, Perichoresis, Hester panim, Deus absconditus


In the context of current discussions on the problem of divine hiddenness in the field of analytic philosophy and beyond, I propose the concept of “threefold Hidden God.” In our times divine hiddenness becomes, so to speak, a divine attribute replacing other characteristics traditionally ascribed to God. Hiddenness, however, is not only an attribute of God understood from the so-called de deo uno perspective. It is possible to think about this attribute also in the Trinitarian context. According to my proposal God can be understood as hidden in three ways: in the laws of nature, in history, and in relationships with humans. This concept of “threefold hidden God” is a reference to the old proposal, originating from Augustine, to seek the traces of the Triune God who is present in man. The search for “threefold hidden God” seems to be more appropriate for our times and seems to be a promising proposal for an even deeper Trinitarian renewal of the analytic tradition.




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Hołda, M. . (2022). Threefold Hidden God. TheoLogica: An International Journal for Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology, 6(2), 206–218.