Some Problems of Heavenly Freedom


  • Simon Kittle University of Innsbruck



Free will, Heaven, Beatific vision, Moral responsability, Salvation


In this essay I identify four different problems of heavenly freedom; i.e., problems that arise for those who hold that the redeemed in heaven have free will.  They are: the problem arising from God's own freedom, the problem of needing to praise the redeemed for not sinning in heaven, the problem of needing to affirm that the redeemed freely refrain from sinning, and the problem arising from a commitment to the free will defence.  I explore how some of these problems vary depending on the notion of free will which is endorsed.  And I suggest that because these differing problems arise from distinct theological and/or philosophical commitments, there is little reason to think that one and the same feature or property of an account of heavenly freedom will address them all.




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Kittle, S. (2018). Some Problems of Heavenly Freedom. TheoLogica: An International Journal for Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology, 2(2), 97–115.