Organic Unities

A Response to the Problem of Evil


  • Graham Floyd Tarrant County College



Organic Unities, God, Problem of Evil, Value, G. E. Moore


The principle of organic unities is a metaphysical claim regarding the nature of moral value.  It states that the value of the whole is not equal to the summation of its parts.  Even though this principle has a major impact on moral theory, it has been neglected in the consideration of the problem of God and evil.  I claim that the theist can utilize the principle of organic unities to undermine the problem of evil.  First, I explain the principle of organic unities and how it affects one’s understanding of moral value.  Next, I explicate the two major historical versions of the problem of evil: the logical argument from evil and the evidential argument from evil.  Lastly, I argue that the principle of organic unities demonstrates that God may logically co-exist with evil and that the atheologian lacks rational warrant appealing to gratuitous evil against God’s existence.  As a result, both problems fail.




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Floyd, G. (2019). Organic Unities: A Response to the Problem of Evil. TheoLogica: An International Journal for Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology, 3(2), 140–151.