Imprimantes tridimensionnelles grand public compatibles avec la dentisterie ?

  • Guillaume François Pratique privée, GAMEDENT, Rue Gameda 11/2, 5100, Jambes, Belgique
  • Nathan Henriquet Pratique privée, Rue de Renaumont 40, 6880, Bertrix, Belgique
  • Bi Zhong Xu Pratique privée, Av. du Roi Albert 124, 5590, Ciney, Belgique
Keywords: 3D printing, 3D printers, dentistry


The objective of this work was to define the different criteria that a general dentist will have to take into account to equip himself with a three-dimensional (3D) printer for dental use. We have identified a total of 1037 3D printers produced by 342 companies and 211 3D printers from 88 companies that can print with 25µm layers. To be able to compare them, we evaluated 16 different characteristics: 1) family of 3D printing process, 2) minimum layer thickness, 3) presence or absence of scientific study to validate the minimum layer thickness, 4) minimal resolution on XY axes, 5) type of calibration, 6) printing environment, 7) presence of a heated printing plate, 8) maximum printing speed (in mm/s) with a link giving details of the layer thickness used, the XY resolution used and the material used to determine this speed, 9) dimensions of printing capacity, 10) capacity to use materials not originating from the manufacturer, 11) capacity to use biocompatible materials, 12) weight (in kg) and printer dimensions (in cm), 13) compatible operating systems, 14) compatible 3D print file types, 15) after-sales service and warranty period, 16) price, including whether taxes are included s or not. We noted a great heterogeneity of the information present, and information often absent regarding: 1) the type of calibration, 2) the printing speed, 3) the price, 4) the after-sales service, 5) the guarantee as well as 6) the materials which are taken into account by the 3D printer. We described multiple communication difficulties with our contacts and a very dynamic development of the 3D printing world. Finally, we proposed the characteristics of an "ideal" dental 3D printer and of an "ideal" partner company for a dentist wishing to obtain the 3D printer of his choice.