PO-213 Comparison of the effects of Swimming and skiing exercise on the stamina quality of undergraduate male students in Capital University of physical Education and Sports

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  • Mengjie Ren The Capital University Of Physical Education And Sports
  • Yedan Ma The Capital University Of Physical Education And Sports


Objective Many factors affecting the endurance quality of college students include genetic factors, age, sex, physical exercise, physical fitness and nervous system tolerance.Physical exercise is of great importance to improving endurance quality. If we take part in physical exercise for a long time, we can make people's heart muscle develop.The heart's potential is fully tapped.The purpose of this study is to compare the effects of swimming and skiing exercise on the endurance quality of undergraduate male students in Capital Institute of physical Education, so as to provide the basis for the improvement of endurance quality of college students.

Methods 1 Measurement of general endurance

(1) 1000m run (M)

Significance of measurement: it mainly reflects the ability of the subjects to work long hours in the heart and lungs.

Track and Field equipment: 400 mL 300 mU 200md track, stopwatch, whistle.

Test method: the subjects stood at the starting line in a standing position and immediately started when they heard the whistle. The timekeeper starts counting, recording each test in detail, accurate to 0.1 seconds.

Measurement requirements: testers report the number of laps left to the tester during the test to avoid running around.

2 Measurement of Speed Endurance

(1) 400m run measurement

Significance of measurement: it mainly reflects the speed and endurance level of the subjects.

Field equipment: 400 m track, stopwatch, whistle. Issue a flag of command.

The shorter it takes to run: 400m, the higher the speed endurance.

Measurement method: after standing at the starting line, the subjects start at the whistle and finish the whole race as soon as possible.

3 Measurement of dynamic endurance

(1) pull-up

Significance of the test: the strength and dynamic force of the upper limb group and the shoulder band muscle group, which mainly respond to their own body weight.

Measuring equipment: high horizontal bar. Measurement method: the subjects take off, hold the bar with their hands in a positive grip. After the body is still, both arms pull up at the same time and practice repeatedly until they try their best.

Measurement requirements:

When the bar is high, there should be corresponding protection measures.

Participants can use the help of others when they can't hold the bar, but they must complete the whole process by themselves .

In the face of testers in the process of testing instability can help their stability.


Results The results showed that the general endurance, speed endurance and dynamic endurance of the non-sports major boys who took the swimming course in the Capital Institute of physical Education were higher than those of the non-sports major boys who took the skiing courses.

Conclusions In this experiment, SPSS20.0 software was selected to calculate and analyze the data, and t test was carried out. The difference was statistically significant (P < 0. 05). In this experiment, the results of the first elective swimming and skiing courses for male students of non-sports major are true and effective. After one semester, The endurance quality of the non-sports major boys in the first elective swimming course is higher than that of the non-sports major boys in the ski course. Therefore, it can be concluded that swimming can improve the endurance quality of the boys in the first body non-sports major more than skiing.