PO-210 Analysis on the Hotspot and Content of Exercise Therapy for the cerebral oxygen in Foreign Countries——Based on Visualization Research of Scientific Knowledge Map

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  • Xiaozheng Guo Shanghai University Sports
  • Xing Wang Shanghai University Sports


Objective To analyze the hotspot of exercise therapy for cerebral oxygen . 

Methods  This study is based on academic literature between1982-2017,which are retrieved from Web of Science. The author uses the software of CitespaceIII to make visual analysis for1701 literatures.

Results There has been a steady growth in the publications, countries with most publications include American, Japan,England ,Germony; research institutions are mainly composed of universities in Europe and America; authors forms a major cooperative team but with no obvious cross regional and institutional cooperation;the research focus on the the influence of cerebral blood flow and metabolic、the pressure of carbon dioxide on cerebral oxygen during exercise which pay close attention to cognition; research hotspot is mainly concentrated on the link among cerebral blood flow 、metabolism、automatic control of the brain 、cognition and cerebral oxygen .

Conclusions in the individuals of cardiovascular diseases  research hotspot reveals low to moderate exercise is a better way to  improve cognition in view of cerebral oxygen.