PO-019 Effects of Yin Yoga for Three Months on Insomnia in Menopausal Women

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  • Xiaoli Shi Wuhan Sports University


Objective To assess changes in sleep quality before and after 3 months Yin yoga on insomnia in menopausal women,which provides a scientific and reliable theoretical basis for improving insomnia of menopausal women by doing Yin yoga exercise.

Methods Twenty menopausal women (year,48.16±3.66) with non-organic insomnia who volunteered for Yin yoga were selected. They all performed the same six poses of Yin yoga at 22:00 PM. Each pose lasted for 5min, 30 min each time, 5 times per week, and for 3 consecutive months. Before and after 3 month Yin yoga exercise, polysomnogram(PSG) and Pittsburgh sleep quality index (PSQI) were used to evaluate the improvement of insomnia.

Results After 3 months Yin yoga exercise, the sleep latency (SL), rem sleep latency (RL) and sleep efficiency (SE) of the insomniacs all improved, with statistically significant differences (P<0.05). Three months of Yin yoga exercise later, the Pittsburgh sleep quality index showed a significant difference in sleep scores compared with the start of exercise(P<0.01).

Conclusions Yin yoga exercise can improve insomnia in menopausal women and the effect is significant, worthy of promotion.