PO-291 Applied Research on Enhancing Respiratory Muscle Strength of Synchronized Swimmers by Using Respiratory Muscle Trainer

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  • Jianghong An Beijing Research Institute of Sports Science
  • Yuncai Fan Beijing Research Institute of Sports Science


Objective  In research to date , powerbreath training to be tested were useful to improve the athletics’ ability for training the breathe muscles, by the way to optmizing the Breathing technique.To further improve the synchronize swimming athletes’ powerbreath of BeiJing,tenhancing the athletics level and express ability of whole team, to succeed in the finals.

Methods Six synchronize swimming athletes were the subjects of our research,the training takes place after the strength training,two times per week, 10 times of five weeks.the training frequency were 24~32 per minutes.At this stages we tested the changes of the breathe muscle by use the CHEST H-101 and Powerbreath K3  before and after the training.All the data were analyzed using SPSS17.0 software.

Results The research results shows, training the breathe muscle by spirotiger is the useful training methods to improve the synchronize swimming athletes’s powerbreath.By five weeks training,the synchronize  swimming athletes’ lung volume capacity were significantly increased from 4.38L to 4.54L after powerbreath training, the rate of the enhancing were 3.65%、 FVC were significantly increased from 3.80Lto 3.93L after powerbrath training, the rate of the enhancing were 2.89%、MVVwere significantly increased from 122.2L/min to 127.1L/min, the rate of enchancing were 4.0%, the strength of inspiratory muscle were significantly increased from 110.6cmH2O to 125.6cmH2O, the flow of inspiratory muscle were significantly increased from 6.2L/S to 6.8L/S. All the datas shows that the power of the breathe muscles were enhancing efficenicy after five weeks systematic training,and the variation rate of individual research shows that there were difference between the individuls.

Conclusions After five weeks systematic breathe muscle training,FVC and MVV were significantly increased ,shows the synchronize swimming athletes’ respiration muscle strength were significantly increased; the index were significantly increased of the strength of  inspiratory muscle also shows that the breath muscle training were enficiency,and the training plan is helpful to enhancing the synchronize swimming athletes’ powerbreath.