PO-290 Discussing and Exploring about Mobile Quick Recovery Strategy for General Games——Quick Recovery Measure Applied on the 13th National Games

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  • Yong Liu Beijing Research Institute Of Sports Science
  • Jianghong An Beijing Research Institute of Sports Science


Objective Multiple quick recovery methods are used in the training and competition fields to explore quick recovery programs appropriate for application at the competition site, search for quick recovery form appropriate for competition characteristics of partial programs, and provide more science and technology measures for preparing for large sport, quickening the recovery of the athletes at the competition site, improving competitive capability and enhancing training and competition performance.

Methods Athletes in Beijing participating in partial programs of the 13th National Games are taken as the research object. According to training and competition characteristics of the program, and in combination with competition rules and conditions at the competition site, practice research is used to try to use nutritional supplement, whole-body cryotherapy (WBC), hyperbaric oxygen recovery, deep muscle stimulate (DMS), intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) and music therapy and others at the training and competition sites, explore positive and effective quick recovery solutions, and establish a mobile quick recovery strategy for general games.

Results According to research results of all events in Beijing before the game, nearly 70% of sports teams are in urgent need of corresponding quick recovery support and guarantee; it’s proven through practice and application in the 13th National Games, mobile quick recovery strategy can be used during preparation before the game, so as to activate the muscle in an accelerated way, improve nerve excitability and enhance warm-up effect; in the break of many matches in one day, it can be used to calm down, quickly supplement energy substances, speed up the elimination of metabolites, relieve muscle fatigue, quickly restore physical functions, and prepare well for the next match; if competition is required in consecutive days, it can be used during recovery after the end of daily competition, to timely supplement energy substances consumed in competition, eliminate metabolites, improve sleep, accelerate anabolism, fully restore physical functions and ensure good state in the competition

Conclusions With the principle of quickening muscle relaxation and fatigue elimination and in the form of “quick recovery mobile service station”, during preparation before competition, interval and after the competition, mobile quick recovery strategy can be used, i.e. multiple quick recovery measures are used at the competition site to promote fatigue elimination and physical recovery of the athletes, achieve good results, provide strong operability and good promotion value, so as to provide a new thought and selection for preparing for large games, speeding up recovery of athletes at the competition site, improving competitive capability and enhancing training and competition performance.