How to Apply the Ethical Regulator Theorem to Crises

  • Mick Ashby
Keywords: ethical regulator theorem, root cause analysis, ethical interventions, crises


The Ethical Regulator Theorem defines nine requisites that are necessary and sufficient for a cybernetic regulator to be effective and ethical; regardless of whether the regulating agents are humans, machines, cyberanthropic hybrids, organizations, corporations, or government institutions. It provides a basis for systematically evaluating the adequacy of existing or proposed designs for systems that make decisions that can have ethical consequences. Because of this, the nine requisite dimensions can be used to conduct systematic root cause analysis of crises and to evaluate the adequacy of proposed interventions. Three of the theorem's requisites explicitly address ethics, integrity, and transparency, which are often overlooked in crisis situations.

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Ashby, M. (2020). How to Apply the Ethical Regulator Theorem to Crises. Acta Europeana Systemica , 8(1), 53-58.